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FAQ's and Advice for the Fall Semester

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

For First Years

· Going into first year, aim to take as much calculated risk as possible. If there are opportunities to join clubs or volunteer go for it, if you are able to balance school with extracurriculars. These experiences offer opportunities for connections and opportunities for growth

· Get to know as many people as you can. Try your best to reach out, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. Try to balance school with a healthy social life

· In first year, follow as many school related social media accounts as possible to stay informed about virtual events taking place.

· Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors or TA’s if you have any questions on the material being covered

· Don’t be afraid to go to professor office hours

· Get involved in something that interests you

· Don’t be intimidated to ask questions in class, most professors welcome class discussion as it shows you’re paying attention and it helps the prof remember who you are

Tips for Working Online

· Become familiar with online platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, Facebook groups before the semester starts

· Hold yourself accountable and treat an online course like a real course. Take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to commute to school every day.

· If working online, create or designate a space to do work. Try not to do schoolwork from in bed. When you are done work for the day move away from that space to decompress.

· While doing school online, if the classes are asynchronous (can be done at your own pace) try to form a routine and get the work done so you don’t forget about it at the last minute.

General Advice

· Try your best to approach each day with a positive mindset, as the mentality you choose to adopt will set the tone for your day

· Keep a planner or calendar to keep track of deadlines. It will reduce stress and lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed

· Take breaks

· Don’t leave tasks until the last minute

· Make time to socialize with friends

Good Luck Badgers!!!

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