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The SPMA Council Podcast is a student produced podcast put on by members of the Brock Sport Management Council. The purpose of the podcast is to provide students with an opportunity to learn from industry professionals. 

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Season 3 Premiere  Brenley Shapiro

Season 3 Premiere Brenley Shapiro

It's finally here... our OFFICIAL Season 3 Premiere! This is sure to be one of our best episodes yet, as William and Maddy invite on Brenley Shapiro, Mental Performance coach for the Arizona Coyotes (NHL) and the Peterborough Petes (OHL)! To start off the show, Brenley shares how she maximizes her own mindset in order to have a successful career in her field. She shares her own unique path for going into the field of sports psychology through a passion for sport and her own experiences in her general counselling practice. Brenley also remarks on the weight of expectations that athletes face from a very young age, which she was determined to help succeed, and she reveals the framework and process behind what goes into helping each athlete she encounters.  Additionally, Brenley reflects on the past year with the Coyotes and the experiences with virtual-only interaction. She highlights the differences in mindsets between professional and junior players, and she shares some very valuable pointers for students in preparation for the 2021-22 school year at the end of the show. We think it's one of the most important segments of this episode- trust us. Thank you Brenley for joining the show and taking the time to speak with us! Keep in touch with the podcast on social! Follow us on Instagram/Tiktok @spmacouncilpodcast, tune into our audio platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, we're everywhere!), and subscribe to our YouTube Feed by searching "SPMA Council!" #MaximizeYourMindset Extreme Energy by MusicToday80: Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Music provided by Free Vibes:
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