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ACE Awards

The ACE Awards are a participation recognition system that rewards Sport Management students commitment to their personal and professional development.

SPMA Council events are created to help students with both personal and professional development throughout their time at University. Through events such as speaker series, professional sport fantasy leagues, trivia nights and negotiation challenges, students have the opportunity to engage with their peers, professors and alumni while simultaneously working on their own development.

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Achieving Levels

To achieve a level students need to will attend SPMA Council events throughout their undergraduate degree. To achieve a level students need to attend 3 events in one school year. To achieve level 5, more than 12 SPMA Council events would need to be attended during the students undergraduate degree. Attend gala each year to achieve the Gala patch.

Hats and Patches

All students have the opportunity to purchase ACE Awards hats (No levels need to be achieved). As levels are achieved, students will be awarded with patches that can be added to their ACE Awards hat. Students who achieve all 6 levels have the chance to have 6 patches on their hat by the time they graduate.



What are the ACE Awards?

A recognition system to recognize SPMA students' commitment to personal and professional development.

Continuously attend SPMA Council events throughout your undergrad. It is possible to achieve up to 6 levels.

You receive a patch for each level completed. They can be collected throughout your undergrad.

Hats can be purchased through SPMA Council without any levels completed. Patches can be added to your hat as you collect them.

How do I achieve
a level?

What do I get for
achieving a level?

How do I get a hat?

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