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What It Is Like To Run The SPMA Council Podcast Social Media

Running the SPMA Council Podcast social media has many positive attributes towards it. Throughout my first semester of running the podcast social media page I have learned many things about how to run a social media, how to balance my time, and how to be creative.

Running a social media page takes a lot of time and work. Having to balance school, a job, and trying my best to keep the social page interactive and keep on track of my post takes a lot of effort. Having to brainstorm ideas of what could work for the social media while fitting into our goal as the podcast. This year the podcast adapted the saying of “Maximize your Mindset” and I’ve tried to bring that into the social media aspect by using a variety of colours and fonts in any posts to maximize our look.

With the podcast, I have also seen myself grow as a creative mind because you can’t produce the same graphic multiple times and expect our following to enjoy and interact with the post. I always try to associate a theme such as neon, soft colours, bold, with the type of guest we have on the podcast that week. If the guest is very energetic and very outgoing, then I will try to use a more neon type of graphic as I believe that represents that guest. If the guest is softer spoken and quiet, then I may use some softer colours to represent the guest.

Over the year the podcast has also set up a Tik Tok account. Since we started posting in June, we have posted a total of 36 videos and received a total of 1139 likes which is just crazy. Being able to build a Tik Tok page from scratch has been one of my favorite memories in a long time. We have posted videos anywhere from episodes previews to us dancing, and our most famous one is our host, Will Ord, doing a trend which was a hilarious video.

Overall running a social media page has been one of my favorite memories at Brock and I can’t wait to see what we publish in 2022. I hope that anybody reading this who may be on the fence of doing any sort of passion to social media realizes how fun social media can be when you do it properly. Sometimes social media isn’t all about views or likes but instead what to publish

and are you proud of what you are publishing. Although some people may look at our Instagram or Tik Tok page and think that we aren’t a successful podcast because of numbers when we enjoy what we do and have a passion for it. We share the common goal of trying to allow anybody to have insight into the sport industry in a fun and interactive way. Always remember to #maximizeyourmindset.

Links to social media below:

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