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The Movember Movement

Origins of Movember

Movember (a combination of the word Moustache “Mo” and “November”) is an annual event during the month of November which involves growing a moustache to raise awareness for issues regarding men’s health. The moustache serves as a symbol and a reminder that men’s health is important, and the funds raised go towards educating men and women on the importance on men’s physical and mental health. The Movember Foundation wants to change the stigma around men’s health by giving men the facts, changing behaviour for the better, creating services that work for men, uniting people together and listening to the community and being advocates for men.

The initiative started back in 2003 by two friends in Australia who just wanted to have a fun competition between friends during November involving who could grow the best moustache. The following year the competition gained some popularity, so the founders decided to raise money and donate it to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Movember gained momentum in Australia and began to branch off into other countries across the world. In 2019, 6,263,923 Mo Bros and Mo Sisters (and counting) have signed up to be part of the movement and have contributed to raising over $174 million worldwide (

What the cause supports and where the funds go

The fundraising efforts of the Movember Foundation go towards three health issues that face men: mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. The money and awareness raised by the Movember Foundation goes towards encouraging men to take care of their health. Movember aims to increase early cancer detection, treatments and works to reduce the number of preventable deaths caused by cancer and depression.

SPMA Council's involvement in the Movember Initiative

SPMA council is running two ways to get involved and raise money for this amazing cause. First, there’s the classic growing facial hair that this initiative has become popular for. Participants that make a minimum donation of $5 to the SPMA Council Movember team page and send a photo into us at the end of the month with their final facial hair will be entered into a bracket to be held on our social media. Followers will vote for their favourite, and at the end, the last one standing will receive a prize!

For those who choose to not grow facial hair or are not able too can still get involved! Move for Movember is an initiative developed to move 60km for the 60 men that we lose each hour to suicide across the world. Participants that join and make a minimum $5 donation to the SPMA Council Movember team page will be eligible to track their kilometres moved throughout the month. At the end, the participant with the most kilometres moved will receive a prize!

We encourage all students, alumni, faculty, friends and family to get involved as we all work together to raise awareness and funds for men’s health globally!

How to get involved

The official Movember website

Brock Sport Management Council fundraising page

More resources

Prostate Cancer Canada

True North Testicular Cancer

Mental Health and Suicide Prevent Resources

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